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URL Mail

Copy to clipboard
This is a little application that helps you to share snippets of text. It can also be used to work on a document with multiple people. CopyWastes expire in 24 hours.
I needed a way to copy/paste stuff from 1 laptop to another.
I used to send myself mails from 1 computer to the other, just so i could copy paste an url or emailadress.
  • Just put the text you want to share in the textarea and click on Save
  • Then go to your other computer, open a browser and type in the URL you find above the textarea.
  • You'll see the text you typed and you can copy it to the clipboard by pressing Copy to clipboard
  • If you edited or inserted new text in the textarea on 1 browser, you can easily get it in another one by pressing Reload
  • CopyWastes are kept for 1 day.